Secure Migration
  • DocPath launches DocPath Houston Suite, a new document output software solution offering an optimal alternative to Control-D applications.

Suwanee (GA), September 28, 2016 – In response to recent demands of customers for a Control-D® software replacement product, DocPath now launches DocPath Houston Suite.

Control-D®, developed by BMC Software, is a software product geared towards automated management of reports generated in mainframe and distributed systems. With DocPath document software, Control-D® users are now able to smoothly and securely replace their Control-D® applications with a state-of-the-art Output Management solution. To this end, the power components of the existing DocPath document generation platform have recently been expanded to support the required document distribution requirements –including mainframe-generated reports– on a modern platform using a centralized database-driven repository and a secure Web infrastructure.

The result is DocPath Houston Suite, a new document software solution which seamlessly accommodates the requirements of any organization in need of first-rate and cost-effective replacement software.

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