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High Volume Document Processing and Printing

DocPath® High Volume Docs Generation™

Need to print large volumes of batch documents?

Printing in many cases is a fundamental part of an enterprise, and despite normally being in the background, it can be a determining factor in cost savings or safeguarding an organization's corporate image. What's more, there are situations where printing is so important to an enterprise that it moves to the forefront of importance. This is the case for corporations working in high-volume printing environments.

These corporations must contend with the task of distributing many documents to different types of clients. While most of their clients will receive print documents, others may prefer electronic documents. Additionally, there's the post-processing factor to consider, which involves such tasks as postal code classification and envelope marking.

Performing these kinds of generation and post-processing tasks with a high volume of print documents without a suitable technological solution requires a lot of time and cost. A document solution capable of processing and printing large amounts of documents quickly and automatically handling post-processing tasks is indispensable.

Organizations that face these kinds of situations and that consider printing a key element of their business can count on DocPath High Volume Docs Generation, a DocPath Print Output Management Print Output Management software solution.

DocPath High Volume Docs Generation is a modular solution that allows batch applications to generate a wide variety of output formats, output formats, electronic as well as print. These output formats include: PCL, PDF, PostScript and AFP. The solution also supports post-processing operations such as postal code classification and envelope marking, among others. It also supports Transpromo Transpromo advertising, a process for embedding personalized advertising in transactional documents.

See the different environments the solution is being implemented in the Banking and Insurance Sector.

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