Agrupació Mútua is an insurance benefit company and leading enterprise of the Grupo Agrupació Mútua group. The company´s final objective is to meet the demands of its partners and clients providing private insurance products and services as well as implementing social cooperation programs geared for its professional collective and the society as a whole.

When they were about to startup their web distribution channel, Agrupació Mútua realized that it had inefficiency that needed resolving and it was its monthly customer billing. Customer billing involved

“Paper lists which were leading to increasing costs not only for the material but also for the personnel and time dedicated to managing the information,”

according to Josep María Plademunt, Agrupació Mútua’s Information System Department Manager.

“Integrating this information into the information network was complicated.”
Plademunt pointed out

With this problem in mind, Agrupació Mútua began to study the differen alternatives that existed in the market for distributing information relative to monthly customer billing files. According to de Information System Department Manager, it was looking for a solution that encompassed

“A current, user friendly design for documents, the ability to distribute files over the web either for downloading or visualizing, a solution that didn’t demand internal resources to develop it, and lastly, a solution that was dependable and used in the financial and insurance sectors.”

DocPath was Agrupació Mútua’s choice

“Not only because it met all the requirements we were demanding for the solution, but also because of its dependability and high level of use in the financial and insurance sectors.”

Plademunt said

The new platform entered production last July for Agrupació Mútua’s brokers and agents network, coinciding with the startup of a web commercial network. After three-months’ running and more than 20% of the commercial network (approximately 200 people) using the tool, Plademunt asserted that the results are very satisfactory.

“We’ve saved on paper consumption, reduced time in delivering this information to clients, since online delivery is virtually immediate compared to the days it took with how we were doing it before. And we’ve also increased our brokers´ and agents´ loyalty,”

Plademunt said.

The final objective of the project is to

“put all of our monthly customer billing information on the web –from here to the end of the year there will be four file cabinets online– and make it expandable to our entire commercial network,”

Plademunt affirmed.