The Business Suite Pro implementation has helped to the food company to reduce costs and response times associated with it document generation and printing and, what is more important, to improve the client satisfaction rate.

Founded in 1986 with entirely asturian capital, Alimerka is today the most important food distribution company of the Principality of Asturias (Spain) and it has a strong presence in Castilla León and Galicia (other regions of the north of Spain). Over these past 20 years, the enterprise has experienced a deep process of transformation and has grown from a staff of 14 employees to have a supermarket network composed of 175 establishments where work more than 4.500 people.

Its firm intention to offer customers the highest quality at the best price and its policy in worker training, have allowed that this organization expands and becomes a real bellwether for the food industry.

Other determinant factor of this evolution has been the strong investment made in Information Technology, Jose Luis Rey, Alimerka´s CIO, assured this:

“Since our inception, we have always opted to have an own system department that, with the punctual collaboration at the most appropriate technology partners, meets the special needs of the company and contributes strongly to achieving our objectives”.

The difficult process of reporting

In this line of thinking is framed one of the most technology projects have helped the company to streamline document process. The number of reports handled by Alimerka has been multiplying as organization has grown. For a while, they tried to resolve the issue through traditional means, but there care a time when it became essential for contracting any kind of document software.

“We needed a solution that allowed us to obtain agility, power, versatility and design in the reports and communications creation, both visual and written. Once created reports, we should be shared internally and externally”,
Jose Luis Rey has indicated

Business Suite Pro, the best option

With this mission statement, Alimerka done a selection process between different document software solutions and after careful consideration, it opted for DocPath Business Pro Suite, a solution specially designed for medium business that enables design professionally-looking finished documents in different formats, even PDFs, and distribute that information in various ways: printers, faxes or emails.

DocPath was the right choice. We haven´t found another solution as complete and versatile in the market. Business Suite Pro is ideal for producing fully customized reports and forms that integrate data, graphics and images”, CIO says and continues: “Regarding the relationship between quality and price variable, I believe sincerely that for medium-high document volume, the relationship is very satisfactory.”

Once chosen the solution was carried out the implementation process that it was accompanied by a training program which involves all the system department. José Luis Rey adds:

“This is an intuitive, but complex tool that requires some training and an evolution and development period of at least two or three months to achieve independence and optimal results. Nowadays, we have two people in our area who are in charge of corrective and evolutive maintenance of the tool”.

The result

After some months running, Alimerka has proven benefits of having a professional document software solution as Business Suite Pro, so the manager explained:

“Benefits are very clear. Now we can develop practically any kind of report or form from within the department, thus time and costs saving and with a notable increase in the end users satisfaction”.

Although the generation and distribution of complex reports as to the presentation and data source refers isn´t an easy task for IT departments,

“Problems as the difficulty of combining data that other application of the market presents or finding of friendly forms of viewing them, are challenges actually overcome by Alimerka”,
Jose Luis Rey concludes.