One of the main goals of Banco Caminos, a financial enterprise founded in 1979, is to offer its clients the best financial services and professional support possible, as well as to guarantee optimal market conditions. Banco Caminos offers personalized attention and products that meet any client´s needs.

The bank´s important investments in hardware and software was to successfully face its impressive growth over the past years. The increased workload created from different bank regulations required a completely optimized and controlled document management and administration.

According to the current bank regulation, the new possibilities of client-enterprise communication as well as document management and administration require hardware and software investments that optimize document management with maximum results and minimum effort.

With the implementation of DocPath Business Suite Pro, the bank is now able to generate its business documents in Web environments, printing and distributing them by e-mail or fax.

DocPath provided Banco Caminos the means to achieve an advanced type of document design, adapted to the innovative technologies and new market needs (letters, receipts, contracts, etc.), an improved corporative image and reduced form creation time. In addition, the bank is now able to simultaneously generate different document ouput types (PCL, PostScript, PDF), as well as to distribute its documents via Web, e-mail or fax, in printed or electronic format.

In short, DocPath has provided Banco Caminos with a solution to easily and simultaneously generate multiple documents in parallel processes and locally print a document copy, store another copy in a document management system, etc.

Document generation time has reduced significantly and the quality of our documents is optimum. Moreover, we were able to separate document design from program development. We have optimized our business activity by separating the generation of document data from the generation of the document itself including all possible document formats: paper-based, PDF, fax and e-mail.”

concludes the bank´s Director of Development, Vicente Escorihuela.