Reale is an insurance company founded in Italy under the name of Reale Mutua Assicurazioni. In 1988, the company created Reale Grupo Asegurador in Spain, which has grown significantly over recent years via the acquisition of other banking and insurance companies. One of the main companies taken over by Reale is Aegon Seguros Generales, which was acquired in April 2005.

Reale has recently duplicated its client portfolio and is modifying its corporative image. As a result, the need of initiating a project that supports the company´s business expansion has arisen.

For this reason, Reale decided to start with the implementation on its new architecture of a new batch (continuous instead of on-demand) production platform and an online document print administration system for external collaborators. A technology which consists of hardware, software, archiving and high-volume business document production systems.

DocPath supports generating a Transpromo document from a blank paper, combining transactional documents with proactive marketing messages. In addition, DocPath simplifies and accelerates document management by standardizing most steps in the process. For instance, the company´s logo has been included in the header of all documents.

“Policies represent a commercial image that needs to be maintained, and DocPath technology allows configuration of this type of options”,
declares Mario Martín, Reale´s Computing Director.

“We were looking for a modular (that is, easy to extend and renconfigure) system which supports high-volume document production, that can be easily integrated with existing applications, and with an attractive visual design for our partners and clients”,
Martín explains.

The advantages DocPath provides Reale can be reduced to two crucial elements: time and money. On average, the company´s high-volume production of business documents has increased 300%. In addition, generation of complex documents has incremented 40%. Moreover,

“The new architecture is ready to support future company growth in print volume”,
Martín ensures.

A company´s IT installations must be optimized, a requirement that becomes even more apparent when structural changes are implemented, as in the case of Reale. Document generation and printing time optimization were key issues in the vendor selection process.

We are printing about 1,200 car insurance policies every day. Before, the process it took eight hours, now, 84 minutes”,
states Reale´s IT responsible.