Spaipa Indústria Brasileira de Bebidas, fabricante de Coca Cola Coca Cola manufacturer for the state of Paraná and the interior of Sao Paolo, has elected the Remote Office Printing solution from DocPath, a provider of electronic document software, and experienced improvement in generating laser printed invoices and electronic invoices.

Spaipa began using the DocPath solution for generating and printing all of its invoices on laser printers in 2005. At the end of 2008 it extended its use of the solution to include its NF-e electronic invoicing project.

The DocPath A IX (IBM’s Advance Interactive eXecutive operating system) solution is:

“Stable, secure and easy to maintain”,
said Claudio A. Fontes, IT Department Manager of Spaipa S.A.

“The selection of the Spanish multi-national was cemented because it supported centralizing the solution, with one single maintenance point, and it was flexible in allowing Spaipa to change designs itself, using the DocPath Designer module. Spaipa recovered its investment in only six months”, taking into consideration the volume of documents printed daily and the saving in supplies required to support the solution.”
said Fontes.

Explaining how DocPath Remote Office Printing, Rubens de Souza, DocPath Business Manager for Latin America, said:

“Any invoice can be viewed online using the corresponding DANFE document (Electronic Invoice Auxiliary Document, used in Brazil), which is generated and saved in PDF format, for example. Our solution support XML input data and converts it to a finalized document, with high quality logos, barcoding, multiple pages, etc. Besides being multiplatform, the software is easy to integrate with client systems, whether they’re ERP or legacy systems.”

Small and medium-sized businesses can also optimize the generation and issuing of their invoices, delivery notes and other business documents using DocPath.

“Solutions such as Business Suite Essential and Business Suite Pro make the best of documentation tachnology accessible to the smallest clients”,
said de Souza.