DocPath Customer Communications Management & Document Output Management

There were times when organizations were able to oblige their clients to use a specific method of communication. Today, customers and consumers have taken control of business communications and companies of any size and business area must adapt to the rapidly changing preferences of their customers to ensure effective contact. New technologies, and document software in particular, play a key role in meeting these highly dynamic expectations.

DocPath´s philosophy, in this sense, is to aid enterprises in creating and strengthening their customer relationships by optimizing their Customer Communications Management (CCM) processes and managing the complete document process, from the generation stage to the actual distribution of the documents and files that constitute the company´s means of communication with their customers (Document Output Management – DOM).

Some Definitions

Customer Communications Management and Document Output Management are closely linked concepts, as they have evolved simultaneously and cover similar processes.

The definition of Customer Communications Management varies greatly, depending on the area of specialization, the scope of related tasks and the functional range. At DocPath, we understand Customer Communications Management as a strategy completed by different document software applications, for creating, storing, retrieving and delivering both internal as well as outbound communications across different channels, with the main objective of attracting and acquiring new customers and retaining profitable customers.

The concept of Document Output Management, on the other hand, has evolved drastically over the last decades, due to the rising importance of electronic documentation. Today, Document Output Management covers the complete document process, starting from the generation of the document with contents obtained from different input systems, to its distribution and storage, including all the intermediate processing phases. The ultimate and primary purpose of Document Output Management is to optimize the quality and the duration of the entire document process and, not less important, cut down the related costs.

DocPath Document Software

As such, DocPath´s Customer Communications Management software combines a proven Document Output Management technology with, on the one hand, advanced tools for managing and meeting customer requirements, desires and evolving trends, and, on the other hand, specific applications for intuitive document design and creation. This combination of document software allows companies to create, customize and distribute their communications more efficiently and effectively across a wide range of channels, correctly conveying the intended message to their employees, business partners, customers and prospective customers.

More information about DocPath´s Customer Communications Management software and Document Output Management document software solutions here.