Electronic Signature Capture

Electronic Signature Capture

Electronic Signature Capture

Enhance the capabilities of your electronic signature capture device with document software

Mobile devices have crept into all areas of our lives. In fact, it is increasingly common for employees to use their tablets or smartphones for work-related tasks. Hence, electronic signature capture and processing features are becoming a vital part of business document management and distribution.

Example Case

Consider a logistics company. At the end of their work day, most drivers have dozens of paper-based delivery notes and similar documents that need to be taken back to the main office for storage. This takes time and effort and involves important costs. If those same employees are equipped with an electronic signature capture device in combination with the appropriate document software, customers will be able to sign the invoice on the spot. Their signatures will automatically be transferred to the company´s online database, where they can be easily consulted and retrieved.


An adequate system of electronic signature capture and management allows companies of any sector to reduce the time spent performing a task that is not part of the focus of our business, representing a significant increase in productivity. And that is just one of many advantages: cost reduction, improved corporate image, more control over critical business information, etc.

E-signature capture features are available with all DocPath Document Software Solutions

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