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Enhance the capabilities of your electronic signature capture device with document software

Mobile devices have crept into all areas of our lives. It is increasingly common to see people carrying out important work arrangements with their Tablet PC's, smartphones or netbooks. In fact, many companies have decided to incorporate this kind of devices into the daily lives of their workers which has allowed the automation of many of their tasks, reducing their response times and increasing productivity.

Although this trend is becoming more and more important, few organizations are aware of the possibilities offered by the intelligent combination of mobile devices and appropriate software. Document technology, for example, can greatly enhance the benefits resulting from the use of these electronic signature capture systems.

Consider, for example, a company in the logistics sector. Distributors at the end of their work day have dozens of paper invoices that they have to take back to the office for subsequent storage, which will require time, effort and most importantly, high costs.

If these same employees are equipped with an electronic signature capture device and the appropriate document software, the company's customers can sign the electronic invoice and the signature will travel through the net to the offices of the logistics company, which can then be stored in a document manager, which will facilitate its subsequent search and retrieval.

The same happens when a bank offers its customers the opportunity to sign a contract electronically or when a shop that acts as a wholesaler, provides its users with a delivery order that they can sign using a device that allows electronic signature capture.

With this system of electronic signature capture, applicable as we've just seen, to different needs and business sectors, we can reduce the time spent performing a task that is not part of the focus of our business, representing a significant increase in productivity. This is only one advantage, if we analyze it closely, we realize the associated cost reduction, improved corporate image of the company and the higher level of security in the management of critical business information.

DocPath has extensive experience in developing document software applications and can provide your business with an electronic signature capture system to expedite your business processes.

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