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Extensive Experience Covering Multiple Scenarios

DocPath´s products are aimed at fostering and strengthening the relationships between organizations and their clients by optimizing their Customer Communications Management processes and streamlining the complete document process. This includes the design and generation stages to the actual printing and distribution of the documents and files that constitute the company´s means of communication with their customers (i.e. Spooling and Document Output Management – DOM). DocPath products operate as ideal complements to any ERP system that needs to be adapted to current and future business needs. As such, DocPath has extensive experience in implementing a wide range of document software projects in a variety of scenarios.

The most common implementation scenarios include:

  • Integration with existing ERPs, such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP…

  • Migration of legacy software and forms.

  • Implementation across multiple remote environments.

  • Resolution of any unexpected difficulties that arise during the implementation process.

In addition, we offer different collaboration possibilities during the implementation procedure: We can advise you, be part of your implementation team or become an external resource for your company.

A complete outsourcing service

Outsourcing services, which includes designing new forms, modifying existing ones and safeguarding source files, can be acquired on a yearly or hourly basis. This way, your company will be able to count on a specialist for help, and considerably reduce your work flow and costs per day.

How and why are files safeguarded? Occasionally, clients prefer outsourcing storage of their source files. They are aware that, using this custody service, files will be more secure and, if modifications become necessary, any required information is easily accessible and easy to provide, thus they can focus on improving production.

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