Efficiently generate, print and distribute your documents in virtualized environments

DocPath® for virtualized environments

Up to quite recently one of the greatest challenges facing companies using virtualized environments, such as the Citrix® XenApp platform was being able to produce and print quality documents without having to use most of their bandwidth to perform these tasks.

As a response, DocPath developed DocPath its document software solutions for virtualized environments, ideal for all types of organizations that enables users of virtualized environments, such as Citrix®, to design business forms, no matter how complex, merge them with corporate data, and distribute or print the resulting documents through a wide variety of devices and IT services. And since all of these processes are integrated, consumption of bandwidth is significantly reduced.


Reduction of bandwidth consumption

Main Benefits:

  • Professionally finished form designs.
  • Template merged with business data on the virtualized environment client, saving up to 95 percent of bandwidth consumption.
  • Real-time document distribution via multiple channels: distributed printing, email or fax.
  • Version control and automatic distribution processing.
  • Standard Internet protocols.
  • Intuitive operation.
  • Easily scalable according to your organization’s requirements.

How Does It Work?

Data is sent over an ICA channel and DocPath solution merges the data with document templates on a virtualized environment client, instead of having this process performed on the server. Sending just the data eliminates the need to transmit heavy PDF or PCL files over the network. Processing the data this way reduces bandwidth consumption for every printed document up to 95 percent.

Documents produced on the client machine can be automatically sent by fax or email servers and entered into document management systems or distributed via Web servers. They can also be printed in mass processes (batch) using sophisticated high-volume printers.

Download the DocPath for Virtualized Environments leaflet here.

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