Advanced user interface
for designing high quality forms

Advanced user interface
for designing high quality forms.

Advanced user interface for designing high quality forms

DocPath® Designer

Design your documents with ease and apply test data to see the results with an integrated simulator.

DocPath Designer, a professional design tool, along with DocPath Controller, a powerful processor and document generator, comprise the "core" of any DocPath Document Print and Output Management solution. DocPath Designer is a state-of-the-art design tool that includes all of the latest graphic design functions. It is intuitive and simple to use, and instrumental for designing professional looking forms and documents.

DocPath Designer offers the option of applying specific business rules to forms for generating intelligent, dynamic documents, in multiple languages, with personalized and intelligent marketing messages (TransPromo) that directly apply to the recipients of the documents.

What can you do with DocPath Designer?

  • Create static as well as dynamic forms: Letters, checks, statements, contracts and policies, bills, delivery notes, etc. DocPath Designer applies business rules to the forms in order to generate intelligent documents.
  • Add multilanguage text: DocPath Designer supports different languages in the same form.
  • Include one and two dimensional barcodes:
Interleaved 2 of 5
Standard 2 5
USPS Intelligent Mail®
Matrix 2 of 5
Australia Post 4-State
  • Design with variable fields: Everything that a text editor can offer: alignment, justification, balanced columns, inserting images, 3D dynamic graphics and progress bars. A wizard is also included to facilitate creating different chart types: bar charts, column charts, line charts, 2D and 3D pie charts, etc.
  • Preview your design with an integrated output simulator: A true-to-form output preview is created, eliminating any need for test printing.
  • Print financial documents: Designer includes special fonts (CMC7, OCR B, MICR-E13B, etc.) for printing checks, promissory notes, or any other financial document.
  • View forms simultaneously: The application supports viewing and processing several forms simultaneously.
  • Create Web documents: Design forms to be filled out on the Web thanks to DocPath's WebDocs Filler.
  • Operate on multiple platforms: Designer operates on Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista.

If you wish to see examples of forms designed with DocPath Designer visit this link.

If you want more security and control, DocPath Designer XF is what you need.

Forms evolve and change over time. The consequence of this is that employees in the same organization may find themselves using different versions of forms, confusing customers and damaging the company's corporate image.
To prevent this, DocPath Designer Extended Functions, better known as DocPath Designer XF that works with one or more databases (SQL, Oracle, DB2) using a forms repository with valid design forms and objects, which allows users to replace obsolete form and object versions (due to quality, size, etc.) with more updated versions..
Additionally, DocPath Designer XF supports assigning administration privileges or read-only mode to specific users to avoid undesired overwriting of production forms.

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