Rapid, Efficient and Cost-Effective Printing

Rapid, Efficient and Cost-Effective Printing

Rapid, Efficient and Cost-Effective Printing

DocPath® Leaf

DocPath Leaf is the “entry” version of DocPath´s document generation suites, providing
all performance capabilities of the high-end product range, but at affordable prices that are adjusted to the real usage of DocPath´s output generation software in your business.

Main DocPath® Leaf Features

  • All generation benefits of DocPath´s Product Suites are available.
  • CPS format generated by DocPath's own generation engine.
  • Support of DocPath Classic version (v. 4.1) and higher.
  • Compatible with PCL printers.
  • Print processes on Windows®.
  • Available product license options:
    • by number of printers.
    • by print speed (pages per minute).

DocPath Leaf Benefits

  • Greater print control, since print permissions can be configured for specific printer groups.
  • No need to monitor the number of pages per month.
  • Any generated resources are compatible with new document projects.
  • Supports implementation within a DocPath PrintServices environment, increasing the options of toner saving and print control.
  • Ample room for growth and evolution towards other print output options.

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