Retrieve, convert and merge
your documents in a single process.

Retrieve, convert and merge
your documents in a single process.

Retrieve, convert and merge your documents in a single process.

DocPath® ResourceBox

DocPath ResourceBox is a flexible and agile document software solution that addresses three common challenges related to the enormous amount of resources that are used for document creation and generation:

Main Features

of any type of resource (documents, images, forms, fonts, etc.) from any type of source (document managers, directories, URLs, etc.).

to specific formats required for each document generation process. Any conversion is possible.

which may involve merging, in a single process, a retrieved document with a generated document to obtain a single document.


  • Easy integration within an organization´s existing infrastructure.
  • Multi-platform.
  • Version control of retrieved resources.
  • Retrieval of any file type: forms, fonts, images, documents, etc.
  • Supports any format combination (PDF to PCL, JPG to PDF, Excel (XLS) to PDF, etc.).

Specific Benefits


  • DocPath ResourceBox document software rapidly and efficiently retrieves any type of resource (images, fonts, documents, forms, etc.) from different data sources.
  • Users may assign an expiration date to retrieved and stored elements. This ensures that DocPath ResourceBox will always return the last version of the requested resource.


  • Required for the majority of processes.
  • Any conversion is supported (PDF to PCL, JPG to PDF, etc.).
  • No specific conversion programs needed.


  • Any combination of formats can be merged to generate a single, coherent document.
  • Integrated part of the document generation process.

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