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Find out how our Solutions and experts have made businesses better.

DocPath is a leading provider of document software geared towards Costumer Communications Management (CCM), more specifically Document Output Management, and Spool Management. As becomes apparent in our success stories, our document software strategy is to aid organizations in fostering and strengthening their client relationships by meeting their specific document process challenges.

 Automotive Industry

DocPath solved our needs quickly and easily. We were able to map the iSeries print output formats and turn them into documents of much higher quality without modifying our management systems.

José Andrés Martínez
Director of Organization and Systems, Reynasa

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 Banking – Finance

We decided to work with DocPath because of the versatility of their applications, and also because of their seamless implementation process and local support. We needed a solution that would allow us to generate documents in real time, for example credit card statements. Because of the high volume of documents that had to be digitalized the best choices were DocPath´s document management and high volume generation solutions.

Alberto Roa
Vice-president of Credicard Consortium Projects. Credicard

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 Finance – Bank

With DocPath, our document generation time has reduced significantly and the quality of our documents is now optimal. Moreover, we were able to separate the document design from program development and optimized our business activities by separating the generation of document data from the generation of the document itself. In addition, we have included new document formats and distribution methods, such as printing, PDF, fax and e-mail distribution.

Vicente Escorihuela
Director of Development. Banco Caminos

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 Insurance – Finance

We are printing about 1,200 car insurance policies every day. Before, this process took eight hours. Now it takes 84 minutes.

Reale Seguros
IT Manager.

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 Food Industry

DocPath provided us with the solution that best met our requirements. It was easily integrated as a new component of our company´s document management workflow, enabling us to add new bar code designs and images to our forms, simultaneously view forms and generate PDF files of our BOLs. In addition, DocPath´s solution also supports Web documents.

Customer Service Director for the South of Europe. Danone

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Thanks to DocPath, we now have a unified platform for document generation, with more static and dynamic printing options, as well as new graphic capabilities that are very useful in complicated documents

Miguel Larrucea
Executive Director of Information Systems, Sanitas

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We chose DocPath´s Business Suite Pro because it was more complete than the rest of the products of this type in the market. Being based on standards, it was easy to integrate with our applications and best of all, not only did it allow us to generate and distribute electronic invoices, it also offered us the possibility of designing and putting on the Internet any kind of document, which will open a way for us in the future to expand our ecological policy regarding the elimination of paper

Daniel de la Peña
Chief Technology Officer. Cenfarte

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 Food & Beverage Industry

DocPath´s Remote Office Printing solution for AIX is stable, secure and easy to maintain. We opted for DocPath, because their solution supports centralized implementation (with a single maintenance point) and it is highly flexible, allowing Spaipa to change our designs ourselves using with their easy-to-use DocPath Designer module.

We recovered our investment in only six months, as we reduced both the number of documents printed daily and the amount of resources needed to maintain and support our document solution.

Claudio A. Fontes
GIT Department Manager. Spaipa S/A

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 Insurance – Finance

Our new venture required new solutions, more oriented towards Web environments. In addition, our new line of business required us to implement real-time document generation tools.

After evaluating different alternatives, Groupama decided to go with DocPath, because it was the provider that offered the best price and guarantee of performance in the market.

José Luis Piédrola
Technology Director. Groupama

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 Logistics and Distribution

By implementing DocPath´s solution for remote office printing, we have been able to improve our internal control processes, which has had a direct impact on the reliability and the quality of the services we offer to our customers

Jorge Luque
Director of Projects. Salvesen

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 Food Industry

DocPath was the right choice. We did not other as complete and versatile solution in the market. Business Suite Pro is ideal for getting fully customized reports and forms that integrate data, graphics and images. As to the quality/price relation variable, I am convinced that, for middle-to-high document volumes, the relation offered by DocPath is very satisfactory.

José Luis Rey
CIO. Alimerka

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 Finance – Insurance

With DocPath, we managed to considerably reduce our paper consumption and the time required to deliver information to our clients, since online document delivery is now almost immediate, compared to how we did things before. In addition, we have increased both our agents´ and client loyalty.

Josep María Plademunt
Information System Department Manager. Agrupació Mútua

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 Retail – Logistics

Regarding the reduction in processing time, with DocPath´s system, documents are printed and generated and invoices and PODs are merged in less than 20 minutes. Moreover, documents are emitted in the correct order and, consequently, distribution is optimized.

Daniel Suárez
Senior IT Consultant. Proselco

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Thanks to DocPath and their team, we were able to drastically reduce the workload on our iSeries server. Now, all our data are stored on the iSeries, but the process of merging those data with the form designs and the actual generation of the documents is performed on a Linux server. Consequently, we have substantially reduced costs and increased performance of our reporting systems with 30%.

Indica Esteban Amado
Operations Manager. Ahorro Corporación

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