Main Benefits of DocPath
for Optimizing Your Document Processes

Main Benefits of DocPath
for Optimizing Your Document Processes

Main Benefits of DocPath
for Optimizing Your Document Processes

Take Advantage of the Benefits Provided
by DocPath Solutions

DocPath is a leading provider of document software geared towards Customer Communications Management and Document Output Management. Consult the many benefits offered by DocPath document software solutions below.

Global Benefits

  • Enhanced corporate image and client communications, via targeted TransPromo messages, high-quality documents, online document generation and distribution and a wide range of distribution channels.
  • Merging of document models (contracts, BOLs, etc.), as each template can be adapted to each client during document generation.
  • Print control with toner saving
  • A single product for batch production, Web environments, etc.
  • Integration with document managers: Documentum, FileNet, etc.
  • Integration with main ERPs: JD Edwards, SAP, Oracle, etc.
  • Flexibility in all processes as DocPath solutions are scalable and can be expanded to meet your company´s needs.

Technical Benefits

  • Multi-platform solutions: Windows, Linux, Unix, System i and zSeries).
  • 32- and 64-bit
  • A single, intuitive interface containing different easy-to-use, visual tools.
  • Static and dynamic form designs, including regular and 2D barcode, 2D or 3D charts, among a wide variety of additional features.
  • Support of non-occidental languages (code pages different from the occidental characters).
  • High performance; all definitions in a single file and tasks share data in memory, reduced bandwidth consumption, among other advanced features.
  • Control of form and object versions.
  • Multilanguage: various languages in the same form.
  • Multiple input formats: XML, TagMode, Plain Text, FCFC, Variable and fixed record mode.
  • Multiple output formats: PCL, PostScript, AFP, PDF, RTF, Excel, Labels, XML, etc.
  • Different output channels: Web, print environments, email & fax, storage and retrieval
  • Document archival and retrieval features that are completely adaptable to each Client´s requirements.

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