Main Benefits of DocPath
for Optimizing Your Document Processes

Take Advantage of the Benefits Provided
by DocPath Solutions

DocPath is a leading provider of document software geared towards Customer Communications Management and Document Output Management. Consult the many benefits offered by DocPath document software solutions below.

Global Benefits

  • Enhanced corporate image and client communications, via targeted TransPromo messages, high-quality documents, online document generation and distribution and a wide range of distribution channels.
  • Merging of document models (contracts, BOLs, etc.), as each template can be adapted to each client during document generation.
  • Print control with toner saving
  • A single product for batch production, Web environments, etc.
  • Integration with document managers: Documentum, FileNet, etc.
  • Integration with main ERPs: JD Edwards, SAP, Oracle, etc.
  • Flexibility in all processes as DocPath solutions are scalable and can be expanded to meet your company´s needs.

Technical Benefits

  • Multi-platform solutions: Windows, Linux, Unix, System i and zSeries).
  • 32- and 64-bit
  • A single, intuitive interface containing different easy-to-use, visual tools.
  • Static and dynamic form designs, including regular and 2D barcode, 2D or 3D charts, among a wide variety of additional features.
  • Support of non-occidental languages (code pages different from the occidental characters).
  • High performance; all definitions in a single file and tasks share data in memory, reduced bandwidth consumption, among other advanced features.
  • Control of form and object versions.
  • Multilanguage: various languages in the same form.
  • Multiple input formats: XML, TagMode, Plain Text, FCFC, Variable and fixed record mode.
  • Multiple output formats: PCL, PostScript, AFP, PDF, RTF, Excel, Labels, XML, etc.
  • Different output channels: Web, print environments, email & fax, storage and retrieval
  • Document archival and retrieval features that are completely adaptable to each Client´s requirements.

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