The financial service group has entrusted in the solution Docs on Demand of the document software provider to better generation and distribution processes of its documents. With this initiative, Ahorro Corporación has improved its productivity by up to 30% and reduced ostensibly costs associated with these tasks.

Provide advisory and investment services to the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks. This goal motivated the foundation of Ahorro Corporacion thirty years ago, an organism that actually has become an authentic referent of the investment community, it´s backed by its 42 shareholders savings banks and it offers financial services to institutional customers and professional investors.

The growth that this organization has experienced in recent years has been demonstrated with the opening of different offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Málaga, Valladolid and Valencia, and the creation of specialized subsidiaries in Boston, Nueva York and Miami. The number of customers has also taken off considerably and it´s here where Information Technologies have played a essential paper, because thanks to them it has satisfied stringent demands of clients.

Document´s presentation, a critical aspect

Ahorro Corporación generates and distributes 200.000 documents with critical information for their clients, business partners and internal staff every year. During much time, these tasks were being made in an iSeries platform, that consumed a lot of technical resources and involved very high operating costs.

“We knew that our printing system was running outdated. Moreover, customers required us a better document presentation, so we decide to look for a solution that allow us design, generate and distribute our informs automatically”,
has ensured Esteban Amado, company´s Operations Manager in the Market area.

Analyzed the situation, Ahorro Corporación conducted an internal consulting process to study different document software solutions present in the market. Finally, they decided to opt for DocPath:

We were seeing options that offered different providers and DocPath called attention specially because of two reasons: its competitive prize and its modular character, that allowed us to design an on demand project and it grows in case of our business needs require it”,

Esteban Amado adds.

A solution on demand

Once taken the decision, DocPath´s staff offered a personalized advice for Ahorro Corporación and it developed an on demand project for the company (Docs on Demand). This solution allow them to design documents with professional-looking finishing documents automatically and it distributes them by different printers, emails or faxes.

Thanks to DocPath and to its team, we could release the workload that made our iSeries Now, this platform save all our data, but we do the merge process of these data with forms and the document generation in a Linux server. Thus, we have saved costs and increased the productivity of our reporting systems up to 30 per cent”,

indicates the Ahorro Corporacion´s Operations Manager.

As a result of the implementation of the DocPath solutions, that was done in several weeks, this financial service organization has initiated projects that it was unthinkable for their responsible, as stated by himself Amado:

When our different business area have realized of the DocPath application´s power, we have begun important initiatives. Now, we can present all our informs in XBRL format, the unique accepted by the National Securities Market Comission, our invoices have an excellent presentation with colored logos, charts, positioning bars… and we are offering the possibility of seeing their documents via Web to our clients”.

The future depends on customer support

Ahorro Corporación wants to continue betting to offer their customers the best possible service. So, they are thinking in making new technology projects.

The business ability that DocPath has opened us it has been very important for us. We are very satisfied with the solution that DocPath has offered us. Perhaps the next step is the electronic invoicing”,

Esteban Amado concludes.