Groupama, European insurance leader, was created more than a century ago in France to protect the future of French farmers. Today, Groupama´s turnover is over 14,000 million in euros. To illustrate the company’s strategy of closeness with its clients, Íker Casillas, the captain of the Spanish national soccer team, was selected as the company´s image in Spain. Casillas perfectly represents the company´s values of closeness and humility.

In 2007, Groupama launched an Internet direct sales channel, Clickseguros, with the intention of improving its product sales and offering online sales support. This new venture required new solutions, oriented more for the Web environment.

“This new line of business required us to implement real-time document generation tools,”
said José Luis Piédrola, Groupama Technology Director. After evaluating various alternatives, Groupama decided to go with DocPath® because it was the provider that offered the best price and performance in the market, he said.

“With DocPath WebDocs Generation, its possible to create a policy document with all the clauses and an electronic signature in PDF format the moment a client signs up,”
Piédrola said.

The documents are stored in a document management system and sent to the printing line to be subsequently sent to the customers in paper form. The DocPath High Volume Docs Generation solution is the second tool installed which facilitates the batch printing process.

“Thanks to DocPath®, we’ve achieved great speed in document generation, better performance, and we’ve eliminated delay times,”

Participating in the process of installing these solutions, which took no longer than two months, were Informática El Corte Inglés, as an integrating partner, along with two DocPath technicians and a Groupama technician. Groupama employees easily familiarized themselves with the tool, a key element for choosing DocPath.

“Some of the tools we’ve been considering were much more complex and required advanced technical knowledge to use. DocPath® applications are much more intuitive and most are tailormade.”